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Welcome to PerMix, your professional and reliable supplier of mixing & processing equipment and system for any industry! PerMix is a Chinese-Israeli cooperative venture with the famous Srugo family in Israel. Our advantages over other competitors are 60 years of Designed-in-Israel know-how plus competitive Made-in-China prices!

Industrial Mixers:

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Sigma Mixer (PSG)
Vacuum Emulsifier Mixer (PVC)
Paddle Mixer (PTP)
Mixer Granulator (PDI)

Product Video:

Paddle Mixer (PTP-5)
Continuous Plow Mixer (PTS-200C)
Drum Hoop Mixer (PDR-200)
Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer (PVC)
Double Sigma Mixer (PSG)
Vacuum Deaerator (PDA)