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Fluidizing Mixer:


The PerMix PFB series Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer is a fast mixer with high efficiency, which can also be known as Fluidizing Mixer, Fluidized Zone Mixer, Non-gravity Mixer or Zero-gravity Mixer.
The paddle mixer is capable of preparing a homogeneous mixture despite of particle size, shape and density, and is able to achieve fast, high capacity, thorough, precision mixing of either dry bulk solids or solid with liquid.


  • Fast & gentle mixing, typical mixing time is 10-60 seconds for dry, free-flowing materials
  • Free particle movement
  • Minimal heat and low shear for shear and heat sensitive materials (Due to the fact that low friction without shear in this non-gravity zone is generated, this makes the PerMix PFB series Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer an ideal machine for fragile products that can’t tolerate rough handling, even flakes or spray dried bodies remaining intact after mixing.)
  • Easy cleaning and hygienic design with minimal blind corners
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast discharging & reduced segregation
Twin Paddle Mixer
How It Works:

The PerMix PFB series Twin Paddle Mixer consists of paddles with special angles that are mounted on twin shafts in a ‘W’ shaped trough. During operation, the two shafts are rotating in opposite direction.

The paddles sweep the entire bottom of both troughs, and materials are lifted floating between the two shafts (as zero-gravity zone) by the centrifugal force generated by the paddles.

At this weightless zone, mixing of materials of different density is easy and fast because material particle can move freely and randomly, regardless of particle size and density. This brings a rapid and highly homogenous mixing.

Special Designs with Overhead Chopper:

Although the PerMix PFB series Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer is featured by its gentle mixing at the weightless zone, it can also achieve rough mixings with additional PerMix Pin Milling Bars to be installed on the top of the paddles.

The PerMix Pin Milling Bars are two rapidly rotating bars with pins and a stationary shroud, which introduce high shear force onto the materials during mixing to break soft lumps and agglomerates. In this case, a fill level of 140% of normal capacity is required.


- Chemical Industry
Detergents, Color pigments, Fertilizers, Explosives, Boric acid, Carbon, Fly ash, Fungicides, Soda ash

- Building Industry
Dry mortar, Blended cements, Tile adhesives/grouting, Brick facings, Cement & Fibers, Flooring materials, Joint compounds, Road lining materials

- Environmental Applications
Fly ash conditioning, Filter dust treatment, Sewage sludge, Food waste

- Feed Industry
Animal feed, Mineral premixes, Aqua / fish feed, Pet food, Dairy additives

- Food Industry
Instant drinks/soups, Infant milk powder, Flour/bread/bakery mixes, Frozen vegetables, Treatment of spices

- Pharmaceutical Industry
Vitamin mixes, Medical mixes
Twin Paddle Mixer
Twin Paddle Mixer
Twin Paddle Mixer
Twin Paddle Mixer