About SRUGO (Israel):

SRUGO MACHINES ENGINEERING was established in 1954 in Argentina by the late industrialist, Jakob Srugo. In 1965 the company moved to Israel and operated from Bat-Yam. In 1977 SRUGO moved to Netivot and since then has been operating a modern plant with an adaptable production line to provide an efficient solution for each customer's requirements. SRUGO has been exporting its products since 1990 to Western Europe, United States, Australia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and several developing countries.
About PerMix:
In 2010, Mr. Arie Srugo, the second generation of SRUGO family, sold the whole company. After three years validity period of confidential agreement, in 2013, he decided to work with a Chinese company in order to take the advantage of the cheaper cost with a improving technology, set up PerMix, and target this company to be present in global market.