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Paddle Mixer:


The PerMix PTP series Paddle Mixer is an innovative design of the conventional Ploughshare Mixer, but it generates gentler mixing (for turbulence sensitive particles) and requires less power consumption.
Besides, the PerMix PTP series Paddle Mixer has a better performance when the materials are with liquid and viscous, for example, slurries, this is because the conventional plough mixing element tends to be stick and wrapped by the viscous materials while the new paddle agitator doesn’t.
The main difference between our PTP Mixer and PTS Mixer is the mixing element: PTS Mixer uses the plough shaped element, while PTP Mixer uses the paddle element.
The PerMix PTP series Paddle Mixer can be used wherever the Ploughshare Mixer is used, including but not limited to compounding, fine mixing, dispersing, suspending, emulsifying, deaerating, tempering, accelerating chemical or physical reactions, granulating, breaking down agglomerates, etc. It is suited for such difficult processes as mixing trace elements in proportions of up to 1 in 1,000,000 parts.
paddle mixer
Lab & Pilot Models:

PerMis designs the full range of paddle mixer including the lab size & pilot size models for Research & Development purpose. The small size machine is very helpful for customers when the ingredients for R&D are expensive, thus helping our customer to save their limited budget at the first stage. With the good performance of the lab & pilot mixer, it is easy to scale up for a medium size or even bigger one.

Special Design with Choppers:

The installation of PerMix Multi-chopper in the basic PTP powder mixer enables the breaking down of agglomerates during the mixing process.
Together with the mixing element, the PerMix Multi-chopper removes lumps in the initial product, chops pasty adhesives and hinders the formation of agglomeration during the moisturizing of powdered substances. The PerMix Multi-chopper is operated independently by its own motor.

Optional Features:

- Various types of mixing element
PerMix provides mainly two types of mixing elements – plough (for PTS Mixer) and paddle (for PTP Mixer). Both have their advantages: the plough shaped element can easily penetrate through the dense and thick powder or paste materials, while the paddle element can cover an even wider range of viscosity.

- Continuous operation
We can supply machines for continuous work when a large capacity per hour is needed for the same material. Continuous paddle mixers differ from batch paddle mixers in that the mass flow of the product is from the inlet of the container to the discharge at the opposite end.

- Heating/Cooling jacket
Jacketed trough for heating/cooling operation by steam, thermal oil, or water.

- Drive system
Drive system by geared motor, cycloidal reducer, worm reducer, belt or chain transmission, etc.

- Feeding & Discharging
A variety of feeding & discharging methods can be selected by the customers. Discharging port can be by manual or pneumatic operation.

- Access door
Access doors can be designed for easy inspection & maintenance.

- Spray nozzle
Liquid can be added into the powder by spray nozzles on a pipe which is installed on the top of the mixing trough. The necessary pump and tank can also be provided by us.

- Extended height bases
Height of our mixers can be defined according to customer’s condition.

- Construction material
We are able to offer mixers with contact part to be built by Carbon steel, SS304, SS316/316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless steel, Hastelloy, etc. For abrasive materials we offer hardened steel as the contact part. Also we produce mixers all by stainless steel in order to meet the high hygienic requirement.

Vacuum Mixer Dryer:

With some special modification, the PerMix PTP series Paddle Mixer can be used as a multi-stage process vessel eliminating the need for additional specialist equipment. It can be used as a mixer-dryer, mixer-granulator, de-aerator, reactor and cooler.

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paddle mixer
paddle mixer
paddle mixer
paddle mixer
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