Presence & Prospect:

PerMix Tec Co., Ltd. is established as the professional supplier of industrial mixing & processing equipment and system. Our state-of-the-art technology and know-how in this section is originally from Israel; along with the low labor cost advantage in China, PerMix is born to be your partner for the cost effective solutions in powder mixing & paste kneading.
We are not only able to offer the single machine with modern appearance and advanced technique, but also to offer the full line system to save your time, which is one of our strong points. With our engineers’ decades of experience in this area, PerMix is capable to offer the most suitable solution for any industry that has a demand for industrial mixing & processing equipment.
This web site presents a standard range of PerMix’s processing equipment without including all the options available, since PerMix designs its equipment according to the specific requirements of our customers. PerMix engineers evaluate the customer's mixing and processing problems in order to translate process parameters into soundly engineered and dependable mechanical equipment. PerMix welcomes the opportunity to discuss specific requirements or problems and invites customers to compare and determine for themselves which equipment is best suited for their needs.
PerMix has been building a good reputation in both local and export markets over these years. No matter the customer is well-known or newly set up, PerMix serves them with full care. Our products are widely used to serve a variety of industries such as fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, painting, ink, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food, beverage, biology, nano materials, paper, adhesive, plastic, electronics, batteries, wastewater, etc.