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V-shaped Mixer:


The PerMix PVM series V shaped Mixer, sometimes also called Y shaped Mixer, is one type of the so-called Tumble Mixer (the other type is the PerMix PDC series Double Cone Mixer) which is very popular for the intimate blending of free flowing dry powders, granules, and crystals. It is featured by the very simple design and easy to clean construction.
The PerMix PVM series V shaped Mixer features a gentle high-flowing mixing process for solids/solids in a proportion of up to 1:100.000 with the possibility of using an intensifier bar to enhance the mixture, and solids/liquids in powder or granulate form with different specific weights.
V Mixer
How It Works:

The PerMix PVM series V shaped Mixer has a "V" chamber made up by two cylinders. Powders and granules are fed into the V chamber either manually or by a vacuum conveyor.

A gear motor drives V chamber to roll in 360 degrees. This multi-dimensional motion makes the powders and granules inside tumbling up and down and colliding to each other all the time, and achieve uniform mixing in short time.

Features & Options:

The simplicity of design of the PerMix PVM series V shaped Mixer allows a low initial cost, easy maintenance and simple operation. It is available from the 2 liter laboratory to large industrial 6000 liter units. The PerMix PVM series V shaped Mixer can be supplied with a variety of accessories, including:

  • Internal choppers
  • Vacuum/Drying execution
  • Special spray unit
  • Special safety fence
  • Mobile trolley


The PerMix PVM series V shaped Mixers are widely used in pharmaceuticals, colors, plastics resins, food products, ceramic glazes, metal powders, cosmetics, detergents, insecticides, explosives materials, and a lot of others.

- Pharmaceuticals
Supplements, Active ingredients, Silica, Sugar, Tablet coating

- Chemicals
Graphite, Alumina, Inorganic powder, Dye stuff, Silica, Adhesives, Agricultural supplements, Plastic powders, Colored cement mixes, Glass ingredients, Insulation materials

- Food & Beverage
Sugar, Aspartame, Fragrance, Spice, Dextrin, Chocolate mixes

- Cosmetics & Daily Care
Baby powder, Tooth paste, Cosmetic creams, Detergents, Cleaning compounds
Lab-size V Mixer
V shaped mixer
Y shaped mixer